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healthy queen palms phoenixValley Tree Feeders is a company which specializes in maintaining the health and beauty of all manner of trees and shrubs. We provide a full range of fertilization and treatment services for all types of landscaping to many homeowners and businesses throughout the valley. We specialize in the feeding and treating of Queen Palms. Valley Tree Feeders cares for thousands of Queen Palms each year on a regular program basis. We are specialists in the field. Our state of the art formulas and quality service ensure that your trees are cared for professionally and consistently. Valley Tree Feeders gives you the BEST PROVEN year round program for maximum health, growth, and vibrancy for all your valuable palms, trees, and shrubs.

We offer full tree care services including Deep Root Fertilization, Disease Control, and Soil Amending. Call the office and we would be glad to help you.



People who care about:

  • Maintaining a beautiful environment
  • Increasing Property Value
  • Creating Good First Impressions (Landscaping is the first thing visitors see when they approach a home or business)
  • Saving their landscaping investment (Treatment is more economical than replacement.)

If You have Noticed:

  • Insect infestation in any of your trees or shrubs.
  • Your trees and or shrubs are showing signs of abnormal discoloration and or deformed growth.
  • Any Trees or Shrubs that appear to be dying.

You should call us as soon as possible before the above conditions worsen or spread to other trees and shrubs.

There are numerous reasons for distressed trees and shrubs ranging from overwatering, underwatering, over-fertilizing, disease and insect infestation. When in doubt, call Valley Tree Feeders for prompt professional service.

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