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Revive Your Trees with Valley Tree Feeders

We understand how frustrating it is to have dry, wilted trees in your yard, especially when your home’s landscaping is such a significant investment.

At Valley Tree Feeders, we make your sick trees healthy—so you don’t have to replace them. For over 2 decades, Phoenix homeowners have trusted our tree doctors to revive their sick and diseased trees with our effective tree treatment process.

Our Trusted Tree Care Process

We follow a trusted four-step process with implementable steps to optimize the health of your trees so that you can enjoy a lush, peaceful backyard oasis at an affordable cost.

#1 Observe

First, we perform tree health diagnostics using the scientific method to observe your trees’ visible symptoms to determine their underlying health issues.

#2 Plan

Next, we create a customized treatment plan to give your trees the necessary nutrients by adding the correct types and amounts of soil, minerals, and more.

Arizona palm trees

#3 Implement

After developing your treatment plan, our team feeds and fertilizes your trees to ensure they have the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

#4 Manage

Finally, we integrate reliable pest management techniques to prevent insects, rodents, diseases, fungus, and more from destroying your trees.

Tree Health Diagnostics

What is Tree Health Diagnostics?

Tree Health Diagnostics - The Valley Tree Feeders approach to tree health is rooted in the scientific method. During your free evaluation and consultation, our trained and skilled tree care technicians observe every aspect of your trees in order to determine the source of the problem(s). Once we reach our conclusion, we take time to educate our customers and develop a treatment plan. Customers then have the option to purchase the entire treatment plan or any individual treatment(s) that were included in the overall plan.

Tree Care Results You Can Count On


Unhealthy Tree


Healthy Tree


Unhealthy Tree

Aaron Hyslip - Before - Orange Tree


Healthy Tree

Aaron Hyslip - After - Orange Tree


I have an apricot tree that was struggling in the Phoenix heat and poor soil. The technician came out and suggested a feeding program. We went forward with it and the tree is doing wonderful. Within about two weeks from the feeding the tree's yellowing leaves began to noticeably green up and the branches began to grow very well. As a matter of fact this past summer the tree grew a couple of feet. It's flourishing now! I'm grateful for the tremendous service I received from Vally Tree Feeders.

Tim H.

My queen palm trees really took a beating during 2019-2020.  One of them had a fungus or something and had long had a deformed crown and quit growing.  We determined that one couldn't be saved, but the palm by the pool had quit sprouting new fronds and I really didn't want to lose it.  Valley Tree Feeders came out and treated it and advised me of a better watering schedule to get through last year's extreme heat. It took several treatments and some patience but after looking dead as a doornail over the winter, in April it started to sprout and now looks terrific and healthy.  Thanks to Valley Tree Feeders!

Dana S.

Revive Your Yard With Valley Tree Feeders

It’s no secret that unhealthy trees can become a point of contention with your homeowner’s association, an eyesore in the neighborhood, and an expensive hassle to maintain.

Instead, find the permanent solution to your yard’s dying, unsightly trees with Valley Tree Feeders—Phoenix, Arizona's trusted tree doctors!